Long Synopsis (248 words)

Munnariv (Foreknowledge) is the story of Arun, a Malayali IT Engineer working from his cousin’s home in Kochi. A hard worker, his only company is when his cousin, Buddy, comes for the weekends and they go out together with his colleague in town, Aayushi.

He is running behind in developing a software called Digitally India and his boss threatens to fire him. He works day and night tirelessly, and crashes one day. In his exhaustion he starts hearing a girl’s voice, Purvi, his daughter from the future.

She is part of an evolved generation in the future that came about from the intermingling of genes, from all the marriages that happened from people from different states and castes working together in IT, during Arun’s time. From that came an evolved generation that is capable to accessing their extra sensory perception skills. She offers to help him write his software and thereby change the course of the world.

This is an independent science fiction Malyalam feature film from Kerala, the first ever to be shot entirely on an iPhone. Munnariv was made possible by the little thousands and five thousands crowdfunded by 26 friends and family members with no demands in return. It was brought to life by 10 crew members and 11 actors; passionate people who believed in the director and stood strong by the vision of Munnariv, even when people said it was not possible to make a feature film for 5 lakhs, and made it happen.

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