Munnariv Poster #1

What is Munnariv?

Munnariv is the story of Arun, a work-from-home Malayali IT Engineer, who starts hearing the voice of his daughter from the future, Purvi, and together they help attempt to change the course of the world.

The directional debut of writer, engineer and filmmaker Ashik Kumar Satheesh, Munnariv is Malayalam first micro budget feature film, shot entirely on an iPhone. Including himself, it is produced by 26 of his friends and family members, who put in their hard earned money, from a ₹1,000 to ₹50,000, to see our dream come true, with no demands in return.

Munnariv is Malayalam’s first crowdfunded micro budget fiction feature film, shot entirely on an iPhone. It will be released directly onto Amazon in May 2020.

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