Shooting on iPhone

Why Shoot Munnariv on iPhone?

iPhone filmmaking is a topic that is being discussed a lot nowadays. Here are three reasons why Munnariv is being shot on one.

1. Audaciousness

Five or ten years ago if you had told someone that you were shooting a feature on a DSLR, that sounded audacious. Now it does not. Every other person now has a DSLR. School kid shoots their short film on DSLRS.

But right now if you tell someone that you are shooting a feature film on an iPhone, it sounds ridiculous. Five or ten years from now it will not. But right now, it does.

No body cares if we rented out an Alexa or Red or even a Sony A7s. But whenever we’ve told someone that Munnariv is shot on an iPhone, they are intrigued. They want to know more. They want to see the trailer. They want to find out if it is any good.

That is the most valuable asset that any movie can hope for, people wanting to know more about it, wanting to see it, turning casual passers into potential buyers, the dream of every marketeer.

Word of mouth publicity. For a micro budget movie like Munnariv, that has no star power to pull in the crowds, it literally is its air.

2. Crane Shots

Munnariv needed crane shots. When we initially conceived the idea it needs lots of them. Getting an effective crane shot requires a quality crane. Which costs money. Which we did not have.

But we had an iPhone. And we had a Zhiyun Smooth Q (a mobile gimbal).

Put the iPhone on the gimbal. Thread the tripod mount under the gimbal onto a light stand, a boom pole, a tripod, or anything that has a quarter inch screw and there you have it. Beautiful crane shots for next to nothing (compared to renting a crane for x number of days).

3. Everybody Says So

Listen to any director’s QnA session today. Whenever someone asks what they should do become a filmmaker, the answer is always to go out and do it. To take your phone and go make a movie. So perhaps we for once decided to listen to an advice.

“My life is my message.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Though I might not have the courage to tell that my life is my message, 10 years down the line, when someone asks me what they should do to become a filmmaker, I wish to look straight in their eye and tell them that “this is what I had in 2019, Munnariv is what we made with that, and this is where I am right now. You figure out the rest.”


Munnariv is Malayalam’s first crowdfunded micro budget fiction feature film to be shot entirely on an iPhone and released onto Amazon in May 2020.


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